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Nature's Sweetest Treat

We love our Colorado bee yards! Our bees buzz some of the most beautiful Colorado mountain fields and wildflower meadows to gather Rocky Mountain nectar for our varietal honey.  We hop in the honey truck and drive around looking for the best bee locations…From Blossom to Boutique, our raw filtered honey is made with love by our sweet honey bees.

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Honey Butter

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Hot Honey

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Our Pure Colorado Honey comes from local fields & farms, mountain meadows, river banks and possibly your own backyard! From Salida to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, our bees are buzzing to make the very best Colorado Mountain Honey possible.

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Pure Specialty Honey

Every once in a while, a honey comes along that is so special it must be shared.  Limited Edition Specialty Honey Varietals are our way of offering you a sampling of the time honored tradition of beekeeping from our other beekeeper friends, as well as our own special reserves.  After all, we can’t Bee everywhere!

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Creamed to perfection using our ‘Crystalized’ White Clover Honey. You’ll bee attracted to the velvety, smooth texture of our creamed honey like Bees to the Blossom!

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local, raw & unfiltered

Now this is a special honey!  We choose our best bee locations and harvest the honey in our boutique.  We still hand bottle every jar just like my great grandfather did over 100 years ago!

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Delicious varietal honeys conveniently sealed in squeezable straws.  Natural, sweet, sour or spicy, these are perfect in your kids lunch boxes, or throw them in a pack for your next hike or bike ride.

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Honey Comb

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Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious foods on earth!

Pollen, from a variety of flowers, dandelions, grasses and other plants responsible for seasonal allergies, is collected on the bodies and legs of the bees.

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Golden Crystalized Honey is dehydrated to become fine, sweet, granular pearls of honey.  A delicate Sweetener for your tea or coffee, or sweeten the rim of a glass filled with your favorite drink.

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Honey Confections

Tasty, all natural & made with our favorite sweetener, honey!  Carry them with you when you need a sweet treat, or to soothe a scratchy throat or an unruly child!

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