cleansing, moisturizing & nourishing

Made in Colorado by skilled Soap Craftsmen

For the most nourishing properties, luxurious bubbles & healthy cleansing, nature can’t bee beat…  Beeswax, Propolis, Raw Honey & Essential Oils; name a few of nature’s additions that make each bar a unique combination for every body type and preference.

Beezwax Soap Island Breeze


rich & moisturizing

Handmade with one of our favorite ingredients!

Beeswax makes our handmade bars special. Rich lather that moisturizes your skin, delicate scents that last through the final bubble.

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gentle, luxurious & moisturizing

100% Natural. Made in Colorado with our honey …no animal or bee testing

Handmade soap from our line of personal care products, to create the perfect in-home spa experience to RenewRevitalize & Soothe both body and mind. Each bar has unique properties that not only cleanse, but nourish hands & body.

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